Tuesday, August 12, 2014


| AUGUST 2014 |

This tip is especially dedicated to the etsy and eBay shop owners. I myself used to run such online stores and it became so addicting because I was essentially shopping for other people, which made me extremely happy. I can say, without a doubt, that this line of business contributed to my once was hoarding dilemma. Yes, I was basically shopping for other people, but in return I started to keep some of the clothes for myself hoping no one, and by no one I mean my boyfriend, would notice that my closet was getting out of control. I broke one of the commandments and got high on my own supply. I was sneaking off to the thrift store on my lunch hour and secretly bringing back bags of goodies for myself, instead of my shop. Thursdays were the best days to get high because student discounts were in full affect at my favorite thrift store. I knew I had a problem when I turned my extra bedroom into a closet, which subsequently ran out of space (no, the sneaking off and hiding clothes from my boyfriend wasn’t enough for me to realize I had a problem). Here’s what I did to break the nasty habit.

First off, my personal style and what I bought for my online shop were identical. I love mixing basics with vintage or sophisticated with unexpected. I looked through my selling history and took inventory of what style of clothing sold the most and gave me the most profit (vintage) and what was least popular and yielded little profit (modern and name brand). From the stash that I hoarded, I divided them up into two categories, respectively. Yes, it was hard for me to let go and it didn’t happen overnight, but the mere fact that I took the first step as described above was a giant step. From the group of clothing that I labeled as “easy sellers,” I sold what I could and donated the rest along with the others.

What I also did was dedicate shopping days for my online shop and reserved a separate day for my personal wardrobe. To my surprise, this worked extremely well! I brought along with me a shopping list of items my closet needed and stuck by it (sound familiar?). I used the same technique when it came to shopping for my online store, but it was mainly a mental note reminding me of the type of style that I should be shopping for. Sticking by this, it wasn’t before long until I broke the habit and kept my personal wardrobe and online store separate from one another.

It’s so easy to borrow something from your online store, but it’s also so easy to get addicted to it. Remember why you started your online shop – extra income? Don’t borrow anything from your online store because if it gets ruined, there goes your extra cash. Should you fall in love with the piece, which you will, you’ll keep it for yourself. Kiss your extra dollars goodbye. You want your online store to carry the most unique inventory, but if you keep the good pieces for yourself, your customers will turn away to other shops. Keep your shopping days separate and practice self-discipline to ensure you never get high on your own supply again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


credits: DeSean McClinton-Holland at dsmch.com

Listen up, ladies!! Not only an I teaming up with the beauty and brains behind Score! I am collaborating with DeSean McClinton-Holland, a talented SF street photographer. We are prepared to offer you a free photoshoot with DeSean and it's as easy as purchasing your tickets to the Score! Pop Up Swap event!

1. Come to the event with goodies in hand.

2. Party like it's 1999!!

3. After the event, upload a photo of yourself wearing your "scored outfit" and use the hashtag, #scoreswap. 

4. I will announce the stylish winner via Instagram.

5. Lights, camera, strike a pose!

I hope you all are as excited as I am. Don't forget that all proceeds from the event will benefit a bay area charity, Hack The Hood, which provides low income children with design and technical skills, who will then use their skills to support local businesses and non-profits in the Bay Area.

Food, music, good people, good times. See you August 21 in San Francisco! (more details at heyscoreswap.com).

Stay goode,